Meet the Artist

Hi, I am Jacquie Mattke-Brown I grew up in Central Nebraska. I spent a lot of my Childhood on my Grandparents and Uncle’s farm; it was a child’s dream. Hundreds and hundreds of acres of land to run and play on. Hide and seek in the hay, dirt bikes, snowmobiles, horseback riding, and swimming in the pond. It was there on the farm where the only rules were don’t jump the dirt bikes off the alfalfa terraces and don’t be late for dinner, that my love of art began. My Aunt was a schoolteacher and always had paper, she handed me a stack of blue paper one-day and told me to go outside and draw her a picture of the cows. I got a lot of encouragement, and just kept drawing, I still have one of those blue pieces of paper with a Disney character on it somewhere, a mouse from Cinderella. Entering into Jr. High I was one of 15 lucky students who entered Bruce Hoy’s art class. Mr. Hoy pushed us, and let us have the freedom to explore and express ourselves though our art. If it wasn’t for the arts, I am not sure I would have become the person that I am today. Art taught me discipline, schedules, deadlines and a love of learning. It is a shame that schools are cutting out the arts. Sometimes it is Art that makes you want to learn, and go to school and deal with the Algebra. So here’s to you Mr. Hoy, Mr. Bargell, and Mr. B. Cool, and all of my other art teachers along the way. Thank You. I now call Northern California my home. I put away my art for awhile to raise a family. My kids all are living their own lives now, so art is once again a passion. I forgot how much I missed it and how big a part of me it was. One last thing, Thanks Mom for being my biggest supporter and not just with my art. Love you. Go out in life and find your inspiration, your own art. Hope you enjoy your visit to my website. Jacquie

~Jacquie Mattke-Brown

"I’m a terrible cook, but if I could cook, I would see that as art as well, it’s how much creative energy you put into something".

~Tracey Emim